Protecting wood in interior

Spalter 120mm

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Existe en 6 cm, 12 cm et  20cm

Existe en 6 cm, 12 cm et  20cm

Interior wood protection: our woodstain and ecological solutions

Galtane specialises in the manufacture of natural products for interior wood protection. They will help you prevent and combat the various enemies of your wooden surfaces and furniture so that they can shine like new. Apply Galtane interior wood paint and enjoy your wooden furniture and surfaces for years to come. 

Main reasons for the deterioration of your interior wood

Over time, the wooden furniture and elements in our homes face a number of problems:

  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Termites
  • Woodworms
  • Fungi - merula

These various threats can deteriorate wood and cause irreparable damage, rendering furniture or wooden surfaces virtually unusable.

What kind of protection for interior wood?

Galtane offers different types of natural products for treating and protecting interior wood: woodstain, vegetable oil, interior wood paint, etc. The choice of product can depend on a number of factors, including the finish you want.

If you want a warm, matt finish, you can opt for matt lacquer interior wood paint. For a glossy finish, opt for satin lacquer paint.

To effectively combat Capricorn beetle larvae, termites and fungi, you can opt for our Wood Bliss or Wood Bliss High C products. They will help you maintain a healthy atmosphere and are safe for pregnant women, young children and allergy sufferers. However, using these products causes a significant change in the colour of the wood, which can vary depending on the surface.

If you want to opt for colourless interior wood protection, choose HM1. It will allow you to preserve the same colour as the wood. However, its spectrum of action is less complete than Woodbliss.

Finally, woodstain, a linseed-based protective oil, offers protection for interior wood against photodegradation and ageing due to humidity. They are suitable for all types of furniture, toys, frames and carpentry. Unlike lacquer, these oil-based paints for interior wood are transparent, so you can see the structure of the wood.

For exterior wood protection, Galtane also offers a range of natural treatments. Don't hesitate to consult our page on this subject.

Indoor natural oil for wood : parquet oils

Discover all our products and oils for parquet floors. All of them are made from natural ingredients to protect the environment and your health. 

Galtane hardening parquet oil 

Galtane hardening oil is a natural parquet oil for protecting and finishing interior wooden surfaces that are subject to heavy use (floors, parquet, stairs, kitchen worktops, tables, furniture, etc.), as well as cork, linoleum, terracotta, natural stone, cement and porous concrete; easy to apply, good resistance to liquids, matt-satin appearance, easy to maintain and renovate; very high penetrating power, suitable for soft and dense woods. The perfect product for healthy, natural living. This oil is made from linseed oil. 

Lightening parquet oil 

The composition of this natural parquet oil is identical to that of the hardening oil. However, this oil-based interior wood paint contains a small amount of white pigments to help preserve the light colour of your wood. 

Galtane monocoat Oil-Wax 

This latest-generation single-coat oil-wax is ideal for protecting and finishing parquet and furniture. The oil-wax colours and protects in just 1 coat. The finish is matt. It contains sunflower oil, linseed oil and carnauba wax. 

Kverko the natural color of oak 

This oil is particularly effective for protecting and reviving the colour of oak or chestnut parquet.

Wood O Stone

Wood O Stone Galtane is a natural oil without organic solvents for protecting and finishing interior surfaces made of porous natural stone, porous concrete and non-tannic wood. 

Tannic wood includes oak, chestnut, cedar, cork, etc. Non-tannic wood includes pine, larch, pine, beech, poplar, ash, Douglas fir, Oregon pine, walnut, elm, maple, birch, bamboo, OSB, MDF, etc.

Wood O Stone oil-based product for interior wood can be applied to parquet, floors, stairs, tables, furniture, chipboard, etc.

Where can I find protection products and paints for interior wood?

Find a Galtane dealer using our interactive map. Galtane natural products for interior wood protection are available throughout Belgium and Europe. Choosing healthy and natural interior wood paints for your home is a strong act for the planet and your health.

Our official retailers are on hand to explain all the benefits and characteristics of our products. Don't hesitate to contact them or buy online.